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Fine art oil paintings of Vermont, painted en plein air near Waterbury and Bolton

    Recent plein air paintings

     Older plein air landscapes
Lyons Pasture (9670)


     Older plein air landscapes
Davis Farmhouse (0123)


     Older plein air landscapes
Fog Lifting


     Older plein air landscapes
Camel Hump Mountain (9387)


     Older plein air landscapes
Kneeland Farm (0111)


     Older plein air landscapes
Gray Day and Cows (9741)


     Older plein air landscapes
Lyons Meadow



     Previous plein air landscapes

Kneeland Valley (5521)

East Side Rt. 15 (5943)

Vermont Greens (3817)

Mansfield Dairy (4229)


Waitesfield Field (5627)


Kneeland Dusk(3808)


Boat Access Point (3658)


Gregg Hill Pasture (5677)


Stowe Reservoir (2640)

Autumn Field


Autumn View, Waterbury (004)


Bolton Cliffs (546)


Farm Hand (223)


Foggy Morning (210)


Gregg Hill


Gregg Hill (248)


Gregg Hill Afternoon (806)


Hayfield, Gregg Hill (177)


Interior Lyon's Farm (179)


Kneeland Creek(611)


Kneeland Flats, Autumn (996)


Lyon's Dairy Farm (417)


Lyon's Barn (378)


Lyons Farm (9920)


Reservoir Sunrise (723)


Thatcher Brook (929)


Thatcher Brook Falls (415)


Waterbury Cows


farm, waterbury, vermont
Waterbury Farm (0136)


Waterbury Center (735)


Waterbury, Lyons Farm (567)


Trees, Gregg Hill (205)


Waterbury from Gregg Hill (646)


winooski river vermont fisherman
Winooski Fisherman (0184)


Winooski River (334)


Winooski Rocks (943)


Bolton Path (114)


Falls of Thatcher Brook (030)


Tansy Brook (9918)


Wake of Day (9864)


Plein Air Painter (9849)


vermont sunrise
Early Back-light (0147)


Nelson's Yard


North Resservoir (2758)


Sun and Rain (379)


Canoe Access (2653)


A Farm Road (375)


Lyons Farm (2099)


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