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Drawings of Portraits and Figurative Works

Still Lifes


   Fine art drawings: portraits and the human figure. —More than just a likeness.

     For commission inquiries, contact Jack via email: jacklstudio@yahoo.com or by phone: 330-666-1141

      Click on any image to see a larger image with its title.  All drawings are in the artist's private collection.

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Sensitive and dynamic drawing is the backbone of all great painting.

All color fades after a short period of time and paintings obsessed primarily with color and thick paint soon lose significance; where as paintings that focus on form and drawing maintain importance and emotion over time.

Monet said to Sargent near the end of his life, that he was happy with his contribution of light and color, but— if he could paint his paintings again— he would incorporate more form and drawing as he said his paintings would soon lose their significance.






















"Drawing is the probity of art" —Ingres

























































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