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"The painting or drawing of a portrait should be much more then an exact copy of a stiff static posed photo that distorts color and flattens and exaggerates form. A fine portrait is one that portrays grace and soul. The artist's sensitive selectivity and realistic touch is what creates a timeless essence of a human personality. "



Fine art oil paintings: portraits and the human figure.
 — More than just a likeness.

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Mr. Albert Gilbert


Mr. Robert Iredell


Mr. O. C. Corning


Mr. Gregory Frohnapfel


Mr. Myer Segal


Lady with Purse


Mrs. Molly Kodish


Professor James Nolte


Professor Masood


Dr. Kenneth Rupp


Mrs. Terry Milk


Mr. Arthur I. Vorys


Mr. Edward L. Pease


Tractor Man


Day Dreaming






Puerto Rican Woman




See more portrait paintings and figurative works on Page 2 many available upon inquiry.


" Learn the conventions of proportions so well as to apply without effort. Learn anatomy from life drawing, ideal beauty from ancient sculpture, mastery of drawing from careful study, and measure proportion from the most beautiful modular types ... Once this knowledge is attained it has to be subordinated to freedom of touch, play of spirit, and exercise of judgment. Grace can arise only through the illusion of spontaneity." —Van Dyke

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"In other words, the painter must conceal art
with art."