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about comissioned landscape paintings of your favorite place in any size, as well as larger and smaller paintings of these scenes.

The same email link can be used to contact Jack about pricing and availability of any painting.


Fine art oil paintings of other places in Vermont, painted en plein air

    Recent plein air paintings

Jack Liberman Vermont landscape painting
Off Bryce Road (9870)


Jack Liberman Vermont landscape painting
Morristown Farm


Jack Liberman Vermont landscape painting
On Vermont Creek (0401)


Jack Liberman Vermont landscape painting
Farm In-between (9692)


Jack Liberman Vermont landscape painting
Jeffersonville Morning (9620)



     Previous Plein Air Landscapes in oils painted in Vermont

Overcast Beauty (5689)

Farm near Waterville (5835)

Farm near Waterville (5995)

Abandoned Homestead (5805)


Alden Road (5699)


Lamoille - Boyden (5484)


Old House (6027)


Sterling River (5684)


Waterville Valley (5694)


Above Waterville (3747)

Early Morning (2055)

Farm Interior (2555)

Lone Rooster (3676)

Smuggler's Notch, North (2554)


Last Buds of Spring (2368)


Last of the Elms (2258)


Morning Light Effects (3357)


North of the Notch (2232)


Off Stagecoach Rd. (2256)


Pleasant Valley Morning (2230)


Standcliff Farm (3452)


Waterville Bridge (3652)


Stancliff Dairy (2562)


Sunrise and Elm (2668)


Boyden Fields (3362)


Lamoille River Bend (4267)


Worcester Mountains (3315)


Abandoned Post Office (059)


Cambridge (003)


Early Morning Morrisville (520)


Bonnie View (5624)


Green White Red


Elmore Mountain (373)


Grey Fog, Sunrise (712)


Land Trust Farm (443)


Land Trust Farm (9954)


Lamiolle River (9978)


Misty Dairy Farm


Morristown (185)



Morrisville Farm (852)


Morrisville Sunrise (134)


Jeffersonville (3267)


Setting Moon (9820)


Smuggler's Notch Area (219)


Sugar House (211)

Vacant Barn (474)


Vacant Pasture (9945)


Light and Shadows (9950)


Vermont Morning (9948)


Jeffersonville Farm (2560)


Painting Away (2727)

Cambridge Farm (3348)


First Light (2258)

Late Afternoon (3332)

Lamoille Bend (3358)


Lamoille View (3351)

Lamoille Rock (3355)

Farm Moscow Road


Farm Path

Tipping Outbuildings

Frank's Tree (3632)


Stancliff Barns (3363)

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