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Fine art oil paintings of Vermont, painted en plein air near Stowe, Vermont

    Recent plein air landscapes

    Recent plein air landscapes
At Mt. Mansfield (9389)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Near Stancliff (9831)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Bouchard Farm


    Recent plein air landscapes
Corn Field (9474)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Along Little River (9688)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Bend at Little River (9733)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Events Barns (9411)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Misty Creek


    Recent plein air landscapes
Distant Stowe (9418)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Farm Near Stancliff Rd.


    Recent plein air landscapes
Little River off Moscow Rd.


    Recent plein air landscapes
Brush Rd. Farm (9402)


    Recent plein air landscapes
Trapp's New Field


    Recent plein air landscapes
Merrill Farm


    Recent plein air landscapes
Up West Hill


    Recent plein air landscapes
Near Randolf (9728)


Misty Valley
    Recent plein air landscapes
Morning Vermont Light

    Previous plein air landscapes painted on location near Stowe, Vermont

Deer Misty Meadows


Lower Leriche (7485)


Adams Farm (3389)


Lower Trapp Panorama (8199)


Misty Barns (5680)


Late Afternoon Trapps (7415)


Old School House


Sunset at Trapp Lodge (8229)


Percy's Hill (7221)


Rain and Clouds


Church at Quiet Path


Smugglers' Notch (7839)


Cloud Shadow


Creek Near Tabor Rd.


Top of Mt. Mansfield (7257)


Road to Mayo Farm (7747)


View of Mt. Mansfield


Weeks Hill (7224)


Lower Trapp Field (5847)


Moon over Little River (5657)


Tansy Brook (2665)


Bend in Little River (5709)


Percy's Upper Pasture (6006)


Brush Hill Farm (5697)


Quiet Path, Drizzly Day (5399)


Stowe Church (6085)


Off Tansy Hill (5469)


Von Trapp Pasture (5502)


Green Mountians (182)


Zuber's Barn (3399)


Upper Campbell Rd. (2257)


Trapp Pasture (4161)



Autumn Near Stowe (051)


Back Light, Trapp Lodge


Bonnie View (503)


Bouchard Road Farm (112)


Brick House in Sun (874)


Brush Road Farm


Buttercups (898)


Campbell Road (399)


Cattle Farm, Tansy Road


Century House and Tree


Colorful Sunrise (659)


Composition at Little River (264)


Cows at Rest (153)


Dairy Farm (140)


Dancing Light (052)


Distant Stowe (929)

Doug's Favorite Tree (322)


Early Light (105)


Early Light Effects (140)


East From Mayo (259)


Eastern Mayo Rd. (640)


Eastside, Polo Field (123)


Edge of Field (045)


End of Mayo Road


Entrance to Polo Field (071)


Fallen Pine (505)


Farm Misty Meadows


Farm Road (375)


Farm, Sterling Valley (080)


Filtering Clouds (638)

Fog, Sunrise (578)


Four Winds (763)


From Sterling Bridge (038)


Green Grays (991)


Green Mountains (182)


Grey Morn Sterling Valley


Heart of Stowe (027)


Land Trust Barn (881)


Last Beams of Light (995)


Light on Stowe (471)


Light Rain (982)


Lower Lerichie Road (384)


Lower Trapp Field (434)


Lower Trapp Road (412)


Mayo Corn Field (848)


Mayo Farm (981)


Mayo Farm Sunrise (371)


Misty Herb Farm (536)


Misty Meadow


Misty Meadows from Distance (762)


Misty Sunrise (003)


Moon Over Stowe (203)


Moscow (571)


Moss Glen Falls (816)


Moss Glen Park (399)


Mt. Mansfield from Mayo Farm (190)


Mt. Mansfield from Rt. 100 (289)


Near the Polo Field (071)


Near Quiet Path (188)


Nebraska Road (893)


Northern Vermont (001)


On Quiet Path (053)


On Little River (154)


Orange-green Sunrise (708)


Orange Mist (858)


Orange Sunrise (707)


Play of Light (925)


Poetic Afternoon (990)


Pond, Misty Meadows (574)


Clearing at Little River (822)


Moss Glen Falls 2


Path of Four Winds (245)


Pumpkin Farm, Stowe (351)


Quiet Path Area (303)


Quiet Path, Stowe (043)


Rain in Spring (075)


Misty Red Barns (2760)


River and Church (233)


River Through Stowe (052)


South of Trapp Lodge (953)


Spot Lights (736)


Spring in Stowe (307)


Steeple in Stowe (992)


Sterling Falls (055)


Sterling Stream


Sterling Valley Farm (679)


Sterling Valley Hollow (876)


Storm Clouds over Stowe (945)


Stowe Barn (316)


Stowe Church


Stowe Hollow Pasture (057)


Stowe View (881)


Sun, Clouds, Mt. Mansfield (562)


Sun Through a Tree (397)


Sun Through Heavy Mist (332)


Sunbeams (009)


Sunlight, Shadows (047)


Sunrise and Clouds (959)


Theatrical Light (065)


Top of Stowe Hollow (979)

Trapp Barn (038)


Trapp Pasture (987)


Trapp Panorama (501)


Trapp Sunset (031)


Catching Last Beams (2651)


View from Percy's Barn (257)


View, Quiet Path (692)


Upper Percy's (166)


Church Grounds, Stowe (9770)


Bend, Little River (9930)


Cows Creek (9921)


Wind and Sun, Stowe (958)


Weeks Hill (500)


Mayo Park (9947)


Zubers Barn (004)


Cottonwoods and Cows (623)


Village View (9877)


Light on Steeple (261)


upper campbell rd, stow, vermont
Upper Campbell Rd. (0138)


Little River, Stowe (924)


Percy's House (2649)


Bend in Little River IIv(2754)

Adams' Mill (2746)

Cows, Creek II (2793)


Trapp Family Pasture (2426)


Worcester Mtns (3315)

Composition at Little River (2610)

Stowe Scene (2563)


Tabor Rd. Farm (1944)

Creek in Vermont (8130)

Sterling Brook (3804)

Old Oak Tree (0465)

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