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Contact Jack:

about comissioned landscape paintings of your favorite place in any size, as well as larger and smaller paintings of these scenes.

The same email link can be used to contact Jack about pricing and availability of any painting.

   Fine art oil paintings of Ohio Amish Country, painted en plein air

    Recent plein air paintings

Amish Pickers (6514)


Paint Twp. Farm (3990)


Humid Day (3367)


    Previous Ohio Amish Country plein air paintings

Amish Brook (334)


Amish Big Sky (565)


Amish Cutting Wheat (012)


Amish Hillside (398)


Amish Somewhere (056)


Autumn Oaks (252)


Back Light Farm Road (250)


Cattle Creek (694)


Charm Panorama (066)


Cloudy Morning (596)


Crabapple Creek (085)


Crops and River (277)


Curves (008)


Daugherty Valley (791)


Edge of Brook (040)


Farm in Charm (013)


Gathering Storm (117)


Hartville Amish (680)


Kidron Farm (028)


Kidron Rooftops (891)


Large Farm (085)


Last Afterglow (268)


Late Autumn (743)


Light Beyond (803)


Mount Eaton (392)


Mount Eaton (299)


Mount Hope Brook (771)


Mount Hope Farm (069)


Outbuildings (001)


Path Up the Hill (570)


Paint Township (729)


Rolling Farm (735)


Salt Creek (780)


Salt Creek Cows (099)


Shreve Farm


South of Charm (052)


Storm Coming (794)


Sugar Creek (029)


Upper Charm (597)


Valley West of Charm


Walnut Creek (329)

West of Charm (754)


Wilmot Creek


Winter Solace (793)


Walnut Creek Farm (767)

Paint Twp. Farm (9919)


Amish Autumn (2846)


Zuchero Road Farm


Amish Cottonwoods


Swartzentruber Farm (2882)

Holmes County (2851)

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